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Elev8 Pills by B-Epic
B-EPIC Elev8 Review

Elev8 pills by B-Epic Review

Unlock ancient medicinal properties for optimal health and functioning!

ELEV8 is the little green super pill. 


  • Naturally Increases Energy and Stamina
  • Boosts Cognitive and Physical Performance
  • Enhances Mental Clarity, Focus, and Memory
  • Combats Physical and Mental Fatigue
  • Helps Improve Mood and Alleviate Stress
  • Provides 100% natural, bioavailable phytonutrients

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About Elev8

The Elev8 pills supplement is the staple supplement from B-Epic. Just as the box says it’s made to “boost your body and your mind naturally” and it’s because of what’s in Elev8 that makes this possible.

I want you to think of three main things as we go through this.

Think about our brain, our adrenal glands and I want us to think about our gut. There’s this brain gut access – this combination that deals with our nervous system that deals with our microflora.

One of the things that B-Epic did with Elev8 is they’ve put together such a powerful combination of adaptogens, nootropics and sleep aids. Everything that’s going to actually help reconnect our brain and our gut, and our nervous system.

All three of those things! That’s powerful and they’re doing that with just three pills a day one in the morning and two at night.

That is the powerful combination of B-Epic Elev8 & ACCELER8 supplements.

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How & Why it Works

So what is it about Elev8 that really makes it so powerful.

Number one – within each Elev8 green pill, that are four and a half servings of phytonutrients. Again that’s taking whole foods and putting it into a capsule.

So instead of having to go over to your kitchen and put all these whole foods into a blender and blend it down, take a drink of that (if you can get it down). Now it’s all into this single green capsule. Another amazing ingredient is the adaptogens! Elev8 is included in the B60 Challenge Pack!

What Do Adaptogens Do to Our Body?

Adaptogens are actually made to help our body combat the chronic stresses that are coming at us every day from:

  • Work stresses
  • Family stresses
  • Financial stresses
  • We’re all going to be combat daily.

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded by that mentally, and physically. So adaptogens helps to re-establish that balance within our body and allow our hormones to better communicate, allow our cells to better communicate, and when we have that we’re able to:

  • Focus better
  • Have more vitality and energy
  • Better and deeper sleep

The adaptogens in Elev8 is more powerful than anything that I’ve seen in the market today. To be able to get that the same level and quality of adaptogens you probably have to take 20 to 30 different capsules to give what’s in 1 of these green pills full of adaptogens. They help to get rid of the craziness within our body and help to re-establish that balance.

Nootropic Benefits

There is an amazing blend of nootropics in this green pill.

If you’ve ever heard of nootropics those are for the brain. What these nootropics are doing in a couple these Elev8 pills is they can actually help to establish healing neurologically.

They reconnect the synapses, our cells that fire together are going to be wired together, and vice versa. What’s wired together is going to fire together.

If you’ve heard of people saying that “they’re firing on all cylinders” that is what this does. It helps to reestablish that synaptic connection between our brain, our gut, and our adrenal glands. All of these are releasing electronic signals they’re releasing hormones to create this better connection.

The Elev8 green pills is like the “superhuman pill” some people call it – the Hulk.

I’ll tell you when I started taking this within the first day, I personally experienced:

  • better mental clarity
  • better energy
  • More vitality
  • I wanted to actually work out more!

Which is kind of crazy because I already like working out. But it boosted me to go for an extra run, I want to do something more.

How many of us are just searching for that something more. It’s amazing how just one pill from Elev8 can actually begin to reinvigorate that vitality of life.

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Each box of Elev8 has 30 capsules / pills. (1 month supply)

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